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Flat line series c pair a data line
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Flat line series c pair a data line

Classification: Wire Data line
Product Details

Product parameters and processes

C TO C 1m maximum power 20V/3A 60W
Product material: zinc alloy+woven fabric
Product process: dispensing and penetrating
Wire specification: 45/0.1TS+250D * 2C+16/0.08TS+250D * 3C outer cloth weave; Width and thickness: 5.8 * 3mm

Product selling points

1. The shell adopts the zinc alloy electroplating process to create a round, cool jade porcelain feel and an anti-oxidation, scratch free, durable as new
2. The lengthened net tail is more resistant to swing

Product Application

Double head Type-C data cable PD60W fast charging cable c to c charging cable General iPadPro Apple MacBook Huawei Glory Notebook Switch Xiaomi mobile phone


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Flat line series c pair a data line
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